We build our answers from scratch, starting with Parkingmill's comprehensive, high-resolution parking data.

Quantified Parking Report

Parkingmill's quantified parking reports are great for developers, planners, and lenders looking to build more efficient cities that contain fewer unused parking spaces and more of everything else.

Comprehensive Parking Data

Our high-resolution parking inventories are derived from primary data sources, and they are available now across entire city extents.

Local Parking Inventory

Understanding the nearby parking inventory is great for property developers who want to optimize the on-site parking supply and save $50,000 for each unbuilt parking stall.


Comprehensive Parking Inventories

High Resolution
Large Extent
Updated Constantly

Database table with parcel-level parking information

Available Now

New York, New York
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Seattle, Washington
Des Moines, Iowa
Jackson, Wyoming
Bellevue, Washington
Rogers, Arkansas

Coming Soon..

San Francisco, California
Los Angeles, California
Redlands, California
Denver, Colorado
Kirkland, Washington
Redmond, Washington
Issaquah, Washington

High-resolution map of parking density in Seattle